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11th Annual
Save the Dates
June 26 - 29, 2024
The 2024 Workshop will be hybrid in-person and online!
Teachers College Columbia University
New York, NY

Registration begins January 15, 2024

About the Workshop

​The Singing Voice Science Workshop is a friendly and inviting gathering of singing voice professionals who desire to become more familiar and comfortable with the science of the singing voice and its practical application to the teaching of singing technique. Whether an advanced scientist, voice practitioner, or curious novice, all are welcome to learn about and explore in depth the exciting world of the science of singing.


Designed as a summit where voice science, pedagogy, and performance converge, topics covered include anatomy and physiology, laryngeal mechanics, resonance, acoustics, electroglottography (EGG), ultrasound imaging of the tongue, science-informed-pedagogy for classical and popular vocal styles, respiratory science, auditory science, medical voice disorders, and more. Our presenters are some of the foremost experts in their fields and they are excited to share their knowledge and expertise with you. The Workshop is a unique experience during which singing teachers have an opportunity to work along side top research scientists and science-informed pedagogy experts.


Donald Gray Miller's Singing Voice Science Workshop is the official workshop of VoceVista, a voice feedback system that allows for acoustic analysis as well as a measure of vocal fold contact quotient using electroglottography (EGG). Additionally, VoceVista now has a video component that allows the singer to view themselves while their acoustics change or to view videos of other singers. The Workshop is the perfect opportunity for you to learn about physiology of voice production, harmonics of the voice spectrum, resonances of the vocal tract, practical pedagogical strategies for optimizing teaching results. Donald Gray Miller, the founder and designer of VoceVista Video, was an integral part of The Singing Voice Science Workshop since its inception in 2015. His investigative and pedagogical spirit drove him to search for a feedback system that would offer objective measures to guide the singer and singing teacher. Don's spirit and philosophy guide our mission to this day.

This workshop is for teachers of singing and singing voice pedagogy, professional singers, students of singing, and speech language pathologists who desire to know more about singing voice science. Whether you’d like to brush-up your pedagogy and science skills, learn the basics of acoustics, or familiarize yourself with VoceVista, this is the workshop for you.

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