Workshop Program


9:00 am: Laryngeal Mechanics and Basic Voice Science: Richard Lissemore


11:00 am: 10-minute B R EA K 


11:10 am: Standard Singing Voice Registration and Terminology: Jeanne Goffi-Fynn 


12:30 pm: LUNCH (45 minutes) 


1:15 pm: Introduction to VoceVista: Kelley Hijleh 


2:15 pm: 10-minute B R EA K 


2:25 pm: Navigating Acoustics of Tenor, Baritone, and Bass Voices: Christopher Besch 


3:40 pm: 10-minute B R EA K 


3:50 pm: Navigating Acoustics of the Treble Voice: Kelley Hijleh


5:00 pm: End of Day


9:00 am: Electroglottography (EGG) Basic Principles & Practice: Richard Lissemore & Kelley   Hijleh


10:30 am: 10-minute BR E A K 


10:40 am: Resonance Basics for Singing: Ronald Scherer


12:00 pm: L U N C H (45 minutes) 


12:45 pm: Standard Pedagogy for Popular Voices: Richard Lissemore


2:00 pm: 10-minute BR EA K 


2:10 pm: VoceVista and Popular Voice: Ereni Sevasti 


3:30 pm: 10-minute BR EA K


3:40 pm: Synthesized Sound Analysis in VoceVista: Christopher Besch


5:00 pm: End of Day

FRIDAY, JUNE 10, 2022

9:00 am: Laryngeal Pathologies: Jared Wasserman


10:30 am: 10-minute B R E A K 


10:40 pm: Pedagogical Methods for Voices of Development Age: Jeanne Goffi-Fynn 


12:00 pm: L U N C H (45 mins) 


12:45 pm: Research in Singing – Insights and Examples: Ronald Scherer 


2:00 pm: 10-minute B R E A K 


2:10 pm: TBD


3:25: 10-minute break


3:35: Ultrasound Video of the Tongue for Real-time Feedback of Articulation During   Singing: Kevin Roon and Richard Lissemore


5:00 pm: Workshop Adjourns