Donald Gray Miller's


An Online Edition

The Official Workshop of VoceVista Video

July 16-18, 2021

and On-Demand

In Loving Memory of

Donald Gray Miller


Richard Lissemore, Director

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 About The Workshop

Because of ongoing concerns related to the COVID-19 pandemic, The Singing Voice Science Workshop will appear as an online edition once again this year. The 2020 online edition was a huge success and we're excited to bring you the same excellent programming and faculty with a few accommodations for the online platform. Please take a look at our program and join us online July 16-18.

There are two major changes this year! The workshop presentations will be recorded this year and will be available to participants for 60 days following the workshop. Also, we have 7 pre-workshop lectures to help you better assimilate the complex concepts of voice science and science-informed voice pedagogy that comprise the workshop. These pre-workshop lectures will be live but will also be available for 60 days after the live lectures. The pre-workshop lectures and the workshop itself are priced separately so you may do one or the other, or both! Please visit the registration page to view the fee schedule.

Additionally, private, one-hour tutorial sessions are available for participants desiring personal attention. Details are on the registration page.


The Singing Voice Science Workshop is a friendly and inviting gathering of singing voice professionals who desire to become more familiar and comfortable with the science of the singing voice and its practical application to the teaching of singing technique. Whether an advanced scientist, voice practitioner, or curious novice, all are welcome to learn about and explore in depth the exciting world of the science of singing.


Designed as a summit where voice science, pedagogy, and performance converge, topics covered include anatomy and physiology, voice pedagogy for classical and popular vocal styles, basic acoustics, vocal fold mechanics, electroglottography (EGG), ultrasound imaging of the tongue, respiratory science, auditory science, medical voice disorders, and syllabus design for a science-informed, college-level voice pedagogy course. Our presenters are some of the foremost experts in their fields and they are excited to share their knowledge and expertise with you. The Singing Voice Science Workshop is a unique experience in which singing teachers have an opportunity to work along side top research scientists and singing voice pedagogy experts.


We are the official workshop of VoceVista Video (VVV), a voice feedback system that allows for both acoustic analysis and a measure of vocal fold contact quotient (using electroglottography, or EGG). Additionally, VVV now has a video component that allows the singer to view themselves while their acoustics change or to view videos of other singers. By the end of the workshop, you will understand physiology of voice production, harmonics of the voice spectrum, resonances of the vocal tract, practical pedagogical strategies for optimizing teaching results, and how to design a college-level pedagogy course using VoceVista Video. Donald Gray Miller, the founder and designer of VoceVista Video, was a founder and integral part of The Singing Voice Science Workshop. His investigative and pedagogical spirit drove him to search for a feedback system that would offer objective measures to guide the singer and singing teacher. Don's spirit and philosophy guide our mission to this day.

This workshop is for teachers of singing and voice pedagogy, professional singers, students of singing, and speech language pathologists who desire to know more about singing voice science and its practical application to teaching methodology. Whether you’d like to brush-up your pedagogy and science skills, learn the basics of acoustics, or familiarize yourself with VoceVista Video, this is the workshop for you.


6 Pre-Workshop Lectures

All lectures will be given live on two different dates and will be recorded for on-demand viewing. Visit the registration page for schedule and fees.

1. Anatomy of Respiration

2. Physiology of Respiration

3. Anatomy of the Larynx

4. Physiology of the Larynx

5. Intro to Voice Science

6. Intro to VoceVista Video

Workshop Program
(Available as on-demand video!)

FRIDAY, JULY 16, 2021

All times are Eastern Standard Time (NYC)

Fundamentals of Voice Science: Richard Lissemore

10:00 am:

11:30 am:

10-minute B R E A K

Standard Singing Voice Pedagogy: Jeanne Goffi-Fynn

11:40 am:

12:45 pm:

L U N C H (45 minutes)

 1:30 pm:

Introduction to VoceVista Video: Christopher Besch

2:45 pm:

10-minute B R E A K

  2:55 pm:

Vibrato Analysis in VoceVista Video: Kelley Hijleh

 4:00 pm:

10-minute B R E A K

Science-Informed Pedagogy; Navigating the Acoustics of the Male Voice: Christopher Besch

4:10 pm:


5:30 pm:

6:00 pm:

End of Day


All times are Eastern Standard Time (NYC)



10:00 am:

Science-Informed Pedagogy; Navigating the Acoustics of the Treble Voice: Kelley Hijleh

11:30 am:

10-minute B R E A K

11:40 am:

Fundamentals of Respiration Science: Richard Lissemore

1:00 pm:

L U N C H (45 minutes)

1:45 pm:

Phonatory Basics for Speaking and Singing: Ronald Scherer

3:00 pm:

10-minute B R E A K

Electroglottography (EGG) Basic Principles & Practice: Richard Lissemore & Kelley Hijleh

3:10 pm:

4:30 pm:

10-minute B R E A K

Acoustics and Physiology of Musical Theater Voice for Males and Females: Ereni Sevasti & Richard Lissemore

4:40 pm:

6:00 pm:

End of Day

SUNDAY, JULY 18, 2021

All times are Eastern Standard Time (NYC)



10:00 am:

Q & A

10:45 am:

Fundamentals of Auditory Science and Psychoacoustics: Richard Lissemore

10-minute B R E A K

12:15 pm:

12:25 pm:

Pedagogical Methods for Voices of Development Age: Jeanne Goffi-Fynn

1:40 pm:

L U N C H (30 mins)

2:10 pm:

Acoustics and Resonance Basics for Speaking and Singing: Ronald Scherer

3:25 pm:

10-minute B R E A K

Ultrasound Imaging of the Tongue with Concomitant Acoustic Analysis: Kevin Roon and Richard Lissemore

3:35 pm:

4:50 pm:

10-minute B R E A K

Designing a Syllabus for a Science-Informed Voice Pedagogy Course: Kelley Hijleh and          Christopher Besch

5:00 pm:

Workshop Adjourns

6:00 pm:

Schedule, topics, and presenters are subject to change without notice. The SVSW guarantees that any canceled presentations will be replaced with talks of equal quality and relevance to the science and pedagogy of the singing voice.


Director and Co-Founder:

Associate Director of Administration:

Associate Director of Operations:

Richard Lissemore

Kelley Hijleh

Ereni Sevasti

Scientific Advisor:

Co-Founder Emeritus:

Scientific Advisor Emeritus (deceased)

Ronald Callaway Scherer

Stephen Oosting

Donald Gray Miller


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